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The Top 15 Most Popular Bachelorette Party Destinations

Over the past five years, bachelorette parties have exploded. No longer are brides-to-be celebrating their final fling with a simple night out on the town. Instead, brides and their squads are jet-setting to destinations around the world for weekend-long getaways with their besties. 

We wanted to know what the most popular bachelorette party destinations are, so we surveyed over 1,000 women around the United States to find out.

25 Ways to Throw an Awesome Bachelorette Party

“I decided to go with a neon and neutral theme. The bride is a personal shopper for J. Crew and she was having a huge neon-and-neutrals moment, so I played off of that. She didn’t want a ‘typical’ bachelorette party where everyone wears black and sips their drinks out of phallic straws.” —Alexandra Hansen