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Bachelorette Party Destinations at Every Budget

An increasing number of brides are booking vacays for their bachelorette parties, but that doesn’t mean you need to break the bank to book one of your own. We found the best destination deals for every budget and celebration-style. Grab your passport — and leave the penis straws at home.

Bachelorette Party 101: How to Keep Your Cool in Front of a Male Stripper

Planning a bachelorette party full of classic pre-nuptial games and scandalous behavior? Then there’s a good chance a strip club will be part of the deal (despite your half-hearted protestations). So we asked Sharknado (and former Beverly Hills 90210) star Ian Ziering,

How a bunch of male strippers invented the bachelorette party

It’s about 10 o’clock on a Saturday night in a bar in Jersey City, and some dude has just noticed our small clique of 20-something girls. Admittedly, we’re kinda hard to miss: all of us are wearing matching navy tank tops reading, “Team Bride,” except for our friend Kasey,

25 Ways to Throw an Awesome Bachelorette Party

“Throw her a bachelorette party that she will enjoy, not one everyone else thinks she should have.” —Christine Piotrowicz “I decided to go with a neon and neutral theme. The bride is a personal shopper for J. Crew and she was having a huge neon-and-neutrals moment, so I played off of that.

Bachelor + Bachelorette Parties

The number one goal of the bachelor and bachelorette party? Have as much fun as possible. Plan a weekend awayor stay local and plan an amazing night out on the town.

Bride-to-Be Festivities

It’s something special about an HBCU bride getting all of her sorority sisters and friends together to party one last time before the big day.

5 Tips For Planning a Black Southern Belle Bachelorette Party With Nashville Flair

It’s something special about an HBCU bride getting all of her sorority sisters and friends together to party one last time before the big day.

Sweeten Up Your Bachelorette Party

Now that wedding season is upon us, it means it’s time to round up our best girlfriends to celebrate their upcoming nuptials. We all love bachelorette parties for the sake of sipping on a few cocktails, playing a silly game or two, and laughing the night away.

Bachelorette To Bride

As soon as I got engaged, I started delegating tasks to some of my girlfriends. My fiancé and I decided against a wedding party, so this ad hoc crew of “Bride’s Homegirls” was the next best thing for assisting in planning certain events surrounding the wedding.

Summer Bachelorette Party Destinations

Summer is just around the corner and that means bachelorette party season is in full swing! Still clueless on where you want to celebrate with your girls? We asked Joanne Barken, founder of bachelorette party planning platform…